Your success is our breeding aim

About the Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding

The Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, located at Hallbergmoos, just near the Munich International Airport in the heart of Bavaria, is a private company dedicated to breed the best new apple, pear and plum varieties. We have about 10 ha of agricultural area available, three greenhouses, machine- and warehouses as well as laboratory, office space and an auditorium.

Fruit varieties from all over the world grow in our trial ground. They are the base material for the breeding of new apple and pear varieties and rootstocks.

Thousands of seedlings are grown each year, followed by a strong selection procedure. Special greenhouses are available for resistance tests with quarantine diseases in order to select disease resistant clones. For the assessment of fruit quality an optimally equipped laboratory is available. The best breeding clones are put through their paces under practice conditions.

This combination of research, breeding and practice is unique in whole Europe. It is the base for innovation and competence in fruit breeding and fruit growing.

Benefit from that!

It is our competence to breed new, high-quality fruit varieties being a true innovation. Innovation needs the right intermediary to be disposed to the consumer. Our customers belong to those growers who look for high quality premium fruits as they live from being better than the average fruit selling industry. They know the demands of the consumers and get direct feedback if a product is good or not. Company managers permanently have to look for the best, in order to enhance their success. They will decide for our varieties.

That is why we would like to offer you our high-quality varieties. We have therefore made up a novel conception:

Each fruit grower can purchase and plant trees of the breeding novelties released from the Bayerischen Obstzentrum GmbH & Co. KG in the breeding series „Professional“.