Your success is our breeding aim

Simple and uncomplicated:
The utilisation concept of the breeding series „Professional“

Small and medium farms:

Purchasing trees from varieties of the Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding for the first time, you conclude a licence agreement with the Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding prior to purchase trees. The following is agreed:

  1. You as the fruit grower are exclusive owner of the purchased trees.
  2. You as the fruit grower are allowed to sell the fruits of the trees unprocessed and in any processed form at a price being fixed on your own to all the customers of your choice.
  3. Full costs for plant variety protection and rights of use are included in the price of the tree.
  4. If you detect any mutations (sports) of the licensed variety, you are obliged to immediatly inform the breeder.
  5. You as the fruit grower receive, annually in a suitable form (for example by email or on this web site), relevant information concerning the licensed varieties (for example concerning cultivation, pest management, storage). Additionally, you may visit the Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding in the frame of exclusive events in order to get information about license varieties and not yet protected varieties to-be. That’s how you are always one step ahead!

The once concluded license agreement is valid – pretty unbureaucratic – for all future plantations and therefore has not to be concluded again when purchasing new trees.
This innovative conception for our innovative varieties allows you to use high-quality breeding novelties. In this way you gain a unique feature for your company. If you want to take part, just register here on the web site (see menu top right) or contact us via email or telephone.

Features for key accounts:

If you intend to plant more than 5000 trees of a license variety, you may also pay the fees by instalments, making the trees at plantation even cheaper. If this may be relevant for you, please just get in touch with us by email or telephone.

Cooperatives and big marketing companies:

For fruit growers organised in cooperatives or for bigger marketing companies, we can also elaborate uncomplicated, customised and fair marketing concepts and even exclusive exploitation rights of individual trademarks. Please just get in touch with us! Let’s make an appointment and discuss your ideas!