Your success is our breeding aim

How to get the tree: Very easy

You as an innovative fruit grower may profit from the innovative varieties of the BayOZ. That’s why those new varieties should find their way into your plantation. It’s pretty easy:

In three steps to the planting material of our high-quality varieties

  1. Use this form to send the request. Within a few minutes, you will get a link per email. Use this link to download the pdf-file of the License Agreement. (Alternatively, send an email to and ask for sending a pdf-file of the License Agreement.)
  2. Print the agreement in duplicate. Sign both copies and send them to: Bayerisches Obstzentrum GmbH & Co. KG, Am Süßbach 1, D-85399 Hallbergmoos, Deutschland. And for priority reasons you may also send us the signed agreement by fax (++49 (0) 8 11 – 99 67 93 29) or as a scan by email (
  3. Contact us and ask for the desired trees ( or ++49 (0) 8 11 – 99 67 93 28). We check the availability of the trees in the requested quality. You get an offer based on which you may make your decision. In case of an order, you will get a confirmation of your order and specification of the estimated delivery date.

We also take grafting orders. So you may choose the rootstock and where required the interstem (e. g. for pear trees) according to your requests. According to the order amount, we can offer you especially low-priced conditions.

The future has begun. Besides an increasing family of red-fleshed apple varieties, also outstanding dessert apple varieties with normal fruit flesh, crisp pear varieties as well as fruity plum and prune varieties wait to be discovered by you. The next years will be exciting. Just be there!

Qualitativ hochwertige Jungbäume
Qualitativ hochwertige Jungbäume