Your success is our breeding aim

Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding:
Breeding is our passion!

New varieties are the engine of fruit-growing. The Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding breeds those apple, pear and plum varieties ensuring you a good future.

How do we do that? That’s pretty easy: We know what you need. We are not only breeders, but much more:

  • Gene bank
    We keep available the genetic resources we need for the breeding process. Thus, we secure existing varieties for the future and we can use them for our crossings.
  • Vision
    Breeding needs ideas. We do not lack in ideas. Each year in springtime we imagine what will be important 20 or 30 years later: Which will be the needs of the market, which will be the demands of the consumer? Which problems will face the grower and the warehouse keeper? That’s how we define our breeding goals.
  • Knowledge
    For a successful breeding, we need to know much about the crops we want to improve with new varieties. We need to understand the biology of the plants and to assess their interaction with the environment. We need to know, which diseases are and will be important, how the plant can defend and how we can help it to protect. Mostly, we need to work out and carry out our own research plans.
  • Passion
    All the knowledge would not pay, if we not went down to business with passion. Breeding is more than matter-of-fact analysis, logical consequences when choosing the crossing partners, and perfect trade in pollenizing, raising seedlings and selecting the best progenies out of the created diversity. Breeding is also art. Not everything that forms the plant can be measured and controlled. There are many uncertainties and unknowns. Like the capability of the right technique is not enough to make an artist out of a painter, it needs the feeling of the breeder deciding in the end which varieties are to be crossed and how to select.
  • Practice
    We are with two feet in the fruit growing practice. We not only look at some singular plants, but evaluate our varieties to-be in commonly cultivated parcels with lots of repetitions, often also in more locations in other fruit growing regions. We store our fruit in conventional warehouses and under controlled atmosphere.
  • Marketing
    We market our fruits on our own. If the food retailing, the pastry cook, the wholesale, the farmer’s market or the farm shop: We know about the demands of your customers. And especially about those of the consumers. Because they are to be enthusiastic about the fruit they eat. In our farm shop we get direct feed-back if a new selection is estimated good. And we are taking our customers’ opinion to heart. And we are a little bit proud that the consumer likes many of our newly-bred varieties so much better than whatelse is on the market.
  • You see:
    We know what we are talking about. We integrate all the steps being important for the evaluation of a fruit cultivar in our flow of operations. Thus, we can make an excellent breeding job in a relatively short period of time.

Why all these efforts? Because of passion. Passion is our ever moving engine. Year by year, the tank of this engine is refilled abundantly by seeing the results of the previous breeding efforts. We know that we are on the right path. But we still come up with something to be improved.

Profit from our advance!

It is our competence to breed new, high-quality fruit varieties being a true innovation. Innovation needs the right intermediary to be disposed to the consumer. And the best intermediaries in the fruit sector are the directly marketing companies. Because they live from being better than the average fruit marketing industry. They know the demands of the consumers and get direct feedback if a product is good or not.

That is why we would like to offer you our high-quality varieties. We have therefore made up a novel conception:

Each fruit grower can purchase and plant trees of the breeding novelties released from the Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding in the breeding series „Professional“.

Of course, also large scaled farms and farms organised in cooperatives can use our varieties. Just get in touch with us!

The future has begun!

Characteristic of our varieties is that they have been tested extensively before release, and that they exhibit attributes making them stand out from the other varieties. They are thus focused on the future market.
The next years will be exciting. Just be there!