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Apple ‘Sunny Crunch®’ – the brilliant yellow pleasure

„A yellow apple has no market any more in Germany.“ This is true for a yellow apple like ‘Golden Delicious’. But ‘Sunny Crunch®’ is different. It is the complete opposite of ‘Golden Delicious’: Firm and crisp until late spring, with refreshing acid and brilliant aroma. This aroma is very unique. No other apple has a similar aroma profile. A fantastic citrus aroma goes along with a slight pine flavour. ‘Sunny Crunch®’ is an apple to get rid of the well-known prejudices against yellow apples, because it is so excitingly different and tasty.

Therefore, ‘Sunny Crunch®’ has the best chance of success of a yellow apple on the middle European market. Its fruits emerge from all other varieties on the market and can easily be recognized by any consumer. The skin is not greenish yellow, but shines in a pure bright lemon yellow. Only the sepals stay green. Picking is therefore very easy: the yellow apples are harvested, all greenish fruit remain on the tree for some few days.

‘Sunny Crunch®’ – hypoallergenic!

Unlike most other yellow apple varieties, russeting is not a problem for ‘Sunny Crunch®’: The skin is smooth, practically no russet occurs. That’s why it shines in an extremely bright yellow and attracts the customers immediately.

And the best is: ‘Sunny Crunch®’ is a hypoallergenic apple. Most Mal d1 apple allergic persons can enjoy its fruits without showing any allergy symptoms. ‘Sunny Crunch®’ simply is different.

Further information about apple allergies can be read in the pdf document provided for download further down on this website.

PORTRAIT of ‘Sunny Crunch®

Parentage: ‘Pinova’ × ‘Topaz’
Breeder: Dr. Michael Neumüller, Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, Hallbergmoos, Germany. Plant variety rights are applied for this variety under the designation ‘Bay 4210’.
Tree: The growth is medium during the first few years, later it is weak. Short fruit-wood pruning. Ideal for machine pruning.
Yield: High and very regular. Thinning required.
Flower: Diploid. Flowering time medium.
Fruit: Fruit of medium size, roundish to flattened in shape. Ripens about 10-15 days after ‘Gala’. Pick the few yellow ‘indicators’ first, then wait about 7 days until the main harvest. Do not pick too early, the shelf life does not suffer, but the aroma develops strongly. Very simple picking criterion: peel flat lemon yellow, greenish only in the calyx pit. Lenticels clearly emerge.
Cream-coloured fruit flesh. Very firm (9.3 kg/cm²). Medium acidity (6-8 g/l). High soluble dry matter content (13.5-14.5 % Brix). Sparkling and refreshing. A real treat. Always in the front places at tastings.
No tendency to russeting even under hot and dry conditions. Therefore very high percentage of flawless fruit.
Cold storage: temperature: 1.5-2 °C. Stores until April.
CA storage: temperature 1.5-2 °C. Stores until July. SmartFresh® treatments give positive effects in cold storage (stores until June) and CA storage (until August).
Diseases: Low susceptible to fruit scab (similar to ‘Pinova’), low susceptible to leaf scab. Young trees in the first or second canopy may sometimes become stippled, especially in weak canopy and shoot trees. This disappears when the trees get a little older and the shoot performance decreases. A sufficient number of treatments with calcium chloride significantly reduces the occurrence of stubborn fruit already in young trees.
Overall robust, proven in organic cultivation.
Rating: Excellent dessert apple with high recognition value. Brings an exciting colour in the shelf.
Special feature: Fruits are suitable for apple allergic persons (Mal d1): hypoallergenic.