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Plum ‘Vroni®’: sweet, crunchy and extra late ripening

September is traditionally the plum month par excellence. The problem is that the late variety ‘Presenta’ is already being harvested in the early ripening areas at the end of August. In the main month of September, demand increases and supply decreases. Cunning foreign growers from Moldova, for example, seize the opportunity and supply the German market with table plums well into December.
‘Vroni®’ ensures that domestic plums can once again dominate the autumn market! It is the latest ripening plum in the range: Its fruit can hang on the tree two weeks longer than ‘Presenta’. The fruits are also quite burst-resistant and can be stored very well. Not only direct marketers have been waiting for this variety for a long time!

Outer fruit quality

The fruits are deep dark blue and medium sized with a mass of a good 40 g and a diameter of around 40 mm. The firm fruit stalk is of medium length and separates dry from the flesh. In some years, some fruits are slightly russeted, but this is not a problem. The fruits can remain on the tree for a long time.

Inner fruit quality

The fruits taste exceptionally good. Their flesh is very firm and crunchy. It is attached to the stone without a stone cavity, which makes the fruit appear particularly firm because there is no cavity between the stone and the flesh. Nevertheless, the stone detaches very well. The stalk detaches dry from the fruit. Stone breakage, heat damage and cavities have never occurred to date.

The sugar content is very high at 20-26 Brix. The fruits taste sweet with a pleasantly noticeable acidity. The flesh is yellow-orange in colour.

Tree characteristics

Trees of the late plum ’Vroni® have a medium-strong upright growth and branch very willingly. Flower buds are found on both short and long shoots, the fruiting wood is stable and rarely hanging down, even with age. The leaves are somewhat lighter in colour than those of other plum varieties.
The flowers open medium to late, which is why they are less susceptible to late frost. For the time being, it is recommended to plant pollinator varieties such as ‘Franzi®’, ‘Cacaks Schöne’, ‘Cacaks Fruchtbare’, ‘Toptaste’ or ‘Resi®’ in the orchard.

The variety is not resistant to Sharka, but is fruit-tolerant. Leaf symptoms are obvious, whereas fruit symptoms are rare. Nevertheless, care should be taken to ensure that the plantings remain free of Sharka.