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Apple ‘Rubinella®’ – aromatic just like ‘Rubinette®’, stores until June

There are apple varieties offering unequaled opportunities. The aromatic variety ‘Rafzubin’, better known as ‘Rubinette®’, is without any doubt one of them. It keeps an important position in the assortment of many dirtect sellers. And still ‘Rubinette®’ has one deciding disadvantage: Its fruit flesh softens very fast. Therefore, from January on, its fruits can rarely be sold. Also the best storage does not provide a solution: Even if the fruits have been stored under ULO conditions, the fruits of ‘Rubinette®’ variety soften quite fast after removal of the storage. And soft fruits nowadays do not sell well.
‘Rubinella® will find a remedy: It is highly aromatic, with firm fruit flesh and stores well. Not surprising: ‘Rubinette®’ is its maternal variety. The good storability goes back to its paternal variety, the apple variety ‘Pomona’.

The advantages of the aromatic variety ‘Rubinella®’:

  • perfect colouration
  • very firm, juicy fruits
  • best storability
  • Fruit flesh keeps firm until June, even under normal cold storage conditions
  • highly aromatic, slightly reminding of mango
  • late picking time (similar to ‘Braeburn’ or shortly thereafter)
  • no tendency to alternate bearing
  • easy to grow, uncomplicated tree

PORTRAIT of ‘Rubinella®

Parentage: ‘Rubinette®’ × ‘Pomona’
Breeder: Dr. Michael Neumüller, Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, Hallbergmoos, Germany. Plant variety rights are applied for this variety under the designation ‘Bay 4029’.
Tree: Medium growth, good branching. Compound spurs of aged trees should be deleted.
Yield: High and very regular, no alternate bearing. Fruit thinning required.
Flower: Diploid. Flowering time medium late.
Fruit: Picking time similar to ‘Braeburn’. Do not harvest too early, the shelf life does not suffer. Ready for consumption from October. Fruit size medium, oblong fruits. Red overcolour (70 %) with light lenticells. Creamy white fruit flesh, very firm (9.5 kg/cm²). Low titratable acid content (3.5-5.3 g/l). Very high soluble solids content (14-17 % Brix). Highly aromatic (with a slight mango aroma). Full aroma development on ageing from December.
Cold storage: temperature: 1.5-2 °C. Stores until June.
CA storage: prolongs storability until September of the following year.
Diseases: moderate susceptibility to apple scab (similar to ‘Elstar’). Overall robust, proven in organic cultivation.
Rating: The perfect follow-up variety for the marketing of ‘Rubinette®’.