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Plum 'Bayerische Dattelzwetschge®'
Plum 'Bayerische Dattelzwetschge®': rediscovering an original form of plum

Narrow, elongated plums are known as date plums (Dattelzwetschge) because of their fruit shape. The historical ‘Violette Dattelzwetschge’ is known for its good fruit quality, but unfortunately it does not tolerate hot summers and shows massive flesh browning in two out of three years. This is why we are introducing the ’Bayerische Dattelzwetschge®, a new variety that defies climate change and reliably bears first-class fruit even in hot summers.

Outer fruit quality

At 19 g, its fruits are about the same size as ‘Hauszwetschge’, but more elongated and narrower (23 mm). The flesh is dark yellow to orange and firm, the skin is yellow with pink dots on the sunny side. This makes it look like a slightly too large and elongated ‘Mirabelle from Nancy’.

Inner fruit quality

The fruits are sweet as sugar with 24-33 Brix. Coupled with its typical flavour, it is the perfect snack fruit for the summer. The ‘Bayerische Dattelzwetschge®’ ripens around the same time as ‘Moni®’ and ‘Hanita’. The fruit is very stable and can hang on the tree for at least two weeks, even in hot weather. Two picking rounds are recommended. The fruits are particularly beautiful and highly favoured when presented in small bowls. They are also perfect for preserving or for jam, which has a similar colour to apricot jam.