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Gage 'Wei 4306'
Gage 'Wei 4306': the crunchy, aromatic, very long-life renegade

With ‘Wei 4306’, our breeding work has achieved a special highlight: the fruits of this variety have the characteristics of a traditional gage with their red-purple colour and aroma, but their flesh is firm and crunchy. This is why they have a very long shelf life. ‘Wei 4306’ can justifiably be described as a modern gage. Your customers will not want to miss this variety either! The variety originates from a cross between ‘Toptaste’ and ‘Aprimira’.

Outer fruit quality

The flesh is firm, crunchy, golden yellow, aromatic and separates easily from the stone. The fruits weigh around 40 g and have a diameter of 37-42 mm.

Outer fruit quality

The first fruits can be harvested with ‘Topfive’, then the Brix values are around 23, but they can easily remain on the tree for two to three weeks, after which the Brix values rise to 29 with very firm, crunchy flesh.

Heat damage, stone breakage or pectin deposits have never been observed to date.

Tree characteristics

The tree branches out willingly and forms spreading crowns. It also bears fruit on long shoots. The flowering period is early. Fruiting varieties are required, e.g. ‘Moni®’, ‘Jojo’, ‘Haganta’, ‘Haroma’ or ‘Presenta’. The variety flowers very abundantly.

The variety is fruit-tolerant to Sharka.