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‘König Ludwig Reneklode®’
‘König Ludwig Reneklode®’: intensely flavoured gage with respectable size

Our French neighbours know what’s good: they love gages. These are particularly flavoursome plums to which they have given their own name: Reineclaudes. Many gage varieties cannot cope with hot summers, e.g. the ‘Althanns Reneklode’, whose fruit browns inside after hot days. Gages are also often lazy or take a long time to produce. This is where our new ‘König Ludwig Reneklode® comes into its own: it combines the intense flavour of the ‘Große Grüne Reneklode’ with a respectable fruit size and medium yield.

Outer fruit quality

Although it looks unimpressive, the ‘König Ludwig Reneklode® impresses every customer with its fruit quality.
The fruits are dark green even when fully ripe. If you offer sceptical-looking customers a fruit to taste, you can see the happy surprise on their faces as they enjoy the fruit.
The fruits ripen with ‘Cacak’s Schöne’, weigh an impressive 42-55 g and have a diameter of 36-41 mm.

Inner fruit quality

With 20-25 Brix and a fine flavour, the fruit is particularly impressive for its inner quality. The stone separates easily from the flesh. Two picking rounds are recommended for optimum fruit quality.

Tree characteristics

The tree grows upright and moderately vigorous. It prefers to bear fruit on short shoots.

The tree flowers medium-early and abundantly. Fruiting varieties include ‘Katinka’, ‘Franzi®’, ‘Cacaks Schöne’, ‘Moni®’, ‘Jojo’, ‘Haganta’, ‘Haroma’ and ‘Presenta’.