Your success is our breeding aim

Order a sample of fruit

You would like to taste the fruit in order to assure yourself of the quality of our varieties? No problem. We will send you free fruit samples on request.

That’s how you order the fruit samples:

  1. Use the online form below to send us your contact data and your request.
  2. We will send you an invoice for the shipping costs by email. Please transfer the money (around 20 €, depennding on the country) to our bank account. You will find the data on the invoice.
  3. As soon as we will have reveiced the money, we will send you the fruits.

Important: Fruit samples are only sent to fruit growing companies, and in no case to private persons. The existence of the fruit growing company will be verified for example by visiting the company’s web site or checking the phone books prior to the sending of the sample. Exceptions to this rule are not possible.

According to the season, we will send you samples of those varieties with optimal maturity for true enjoyment. Only apple and pear fruit can be shipped, but no cherry or plum fruits.