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Apple ‘Baya® Franconia’ – red fruit flesh, aromatic, good storability

‘Baya® Franconia’ is an extraordinary apple: Its fruit flesh is bicoloured. Below the skin, the flesh shines deep red. Towards the core, the red turns to a creamy white.

‘Baya® Franconia’ is the worldwide first high quality apple variety with bicoloured fruit flesh.

The play of colours between red and white reminds of the colours of Franconia: That’s why the name ‘Baya® Franconia’.

Most of the red fleshed apple varieties do not store very well, as their fruit flesh turns brown very fast. ‘Baya® Franconia’ is different: The fruit flesh of its fruits does not turn brown during storage. Among the red fleshed apples, it is one of the apples with longest storability and best taste.

‘Baya® Franconia’ – ideal as dessert apple

The fruit skin is sometimes slightly russeted. Its fruits remind of ‘Red Boskoop’, but they are somewhat smaller (170-190 g, medium sized).

The fruits are ideal for fresh consumption, for cakes and for drying. They are not first choice for juice like ‘Baya® Marisa’ as the juice is not intensively red. The fruits of the two red fleshed varieties can be blent and processed to juice.

Priority of the marketing of ‘Baya® Franconia’ starts in December, when ‘Baya® Marisa’ with its limited storability is not available any more. But of course, the fruits can also be marketed earlier (directly after picking), when there are no ‘Baya® Marisa’ trees in the orchard.

PORTRAIT of ‘Baya® Franconia’

Parentage: ‘Weirouge’ × ‘Pomona’
Breeder: Dr. Michael Neumüller, Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, Hallbergmoos, Germany. Plant variety rights are applied for this variety under the designation ‘Bay 4584’.
Tree: Medium growth. Strong pruning, short fruit-wood pruning. Ideal for machine pruning.
Yield: High and very regular. No alternate bearing. Very good fruit bearing. Fruit thinning is therefore essential.
Flower: Diploid. Early flowering time.
Fruit: Picking time 10 days after ‘Royal Gala’. Medium sized (170-190 g), roundish fruit. Dark red overcolour (80 %), lenticells clearly visible. Fruit flesh bicoloured: under the skin dark red, towards the core creamy white. Firm (8.5 kg/cm²). Medium malic acid content (7-8 g/l). High soluble solids content (13.5-14.5 % Brix). Aromatic. From the outward appearance, similar to a small fruit of ‘Red Boskoop’.
Cold storage: temperature: ca. 2-4 °C. For a red fleshed apple, it stores very well (until March).
CA storage: prolongs storage until April.
Diseases: tolerant to apple scab (similar to ‘Pinova’). Slightly cancer prone.
Rating: Tasty, good storing red fleshed apple. High Brix and moderate acid content.
Please notice: Strong thinning essential in order to ensure good fruit size and good colouration of the fruit flesh.